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About Perfect Products

Perfect Products Company History

Perfect Products was founded by Jack Smith in 1990, with a focus on creating unique, problem-solving products.

Mr. Smith worked his way through school doing construction. He eventually founded his own business consisting of several crews focused on remodels and light construction. During this time he devised several tools and processes which solved a variety of problems that he and his crews encountered daily.

Mr. Smith noticed the only doorstops on the market at the time created more problems for builders than they solved.

Damaged doors and holes in the wall caused by poorly designed doorstops were common. After tinkering with several ideas it finally dawned on him, stop the hinge and you will stop the door. More to the point, if you stop the hinge metal to metal, you stop the door at the strongest part of the door system. Out of that basic idea, the DoorSaver was born.

Over the years, the DoorSaver has been refined and updated to meet customer needs. Finishes have been added so that the DoorSaver is always available in the current “hot” finishes. Later the DoorSaver Commercial was created in response to demand. The DoorSaver Commercial fits commercial hinges as well as the larger hinges used on the elaborate entry doors so common today.

As additional problems were observed, new products were created to solve those problems, resulting in an expanded product line that continues to grow today. Each of the new products must fit in with our overall philosophy: it must be unique, solve a common problem, be easy to use and be priced affordably.