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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Is DoorSaver guaranteed not to damage my door?
A. DoorSaver’s protection is so complete, it’s easy to offer the best warranty in the business. Quite simply, if our product ever damages your door, you’ll receive a free door – guaranteed.

Q. What is the small, clear plastic ring DoorSaver in my package used for?
A. This is a grommet, which is to be inserted into the hole in the DoorSaver hinge pin, which the hinge pin slides through. It is a bushing to keep the DoorSaver snug on the pin.

DoorSaver Commercial

Q. How does DoorSaver Commercial differ from DoorSaver?
A. Designed for use on large entry doors or commercial applications, DoorSaver Commercial features twice the metal of the original DoorSaver. It has a hole which is wider in diameter, to accommodate the larger hinge pins common in 4½ to 5 inch hinges.


Q. What set back lengths can BlueThing accommodate?
A. It is designed to fit 23/8″ and 23/4″. However, it is adjustable beyond those settings. It has a wider range, so it will fit all set backs.


Q. Is BlueThing2 guaranteed?
A. BlueThing2 is guaranteed to prevent damage caused by the door coming loose from the jambs during shipping, guaranteed to prevent wind damage when properly installed, or we will buy the door. We also guarantee that your door will arrive “square” and will therefore take less time to install when you use BlueThing2.

Ultimate Gate Latch

Q. Can the Ultimate Gate Latch be installed on left- or right-opening gates?
A. The Ultimate Gate Latch is fully reversible and can be installed on either left-opening or right-opening gates easily, with no special tools required.