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Snaps securely in place in less than 1 second.

SpeedPlug makes prepping doors for shipping faster and easier than anything you’ve ever seen.

Makes door installation faster, too.

The SpeedPlug will hold your door securely until it reaches the jobsite.  Place the large piece into the knob hole and pop the small male piece in through the strike hole.  That’s it!  No twisting, no tools, just a quick “pop” and the door is secured…less than a 2 second installation.  After reaching the jobsite securely in place, simply put the door in place, pull the ring inside the knob hole straight towards the door slab, releasing the SpeedPlug.  The small male piece should fall into the wall cavity beside the door.  If it doesn’t fall out, you can ‘encourage it’ with a flathead screwdriver.  The remaining portion of the SpeedPlug is now a temporary latch, keeping the door in place until the final hardware installation.


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Weight 0.125 lbs
Dimensions 1.50 × 0.57 × 0.96 in

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